Melbourne is closed for business and rural Victoria is in stage 3 lockdowns.

State borders are closed and tourism is on its knees, as are so many other businesses in hospitality, retail and many others.

How did it all go so wrong? It seems that there is a mentality in Australia that it cannot happen to me; therefore I don’t care.

What happened to the Aussie code of honour and respect of never leaving our wounded, maimed or sick behind in any battle during a war? Sadly our elderly are on the receiving end of this lost, forgotten or neglected part of our humanity.

Our grandparents and parents, who went through so much more suffering in 1939-1945, compared to our short lockdowns with plentiful supplies of essentials, would be aghast at how a large proportion of people are so entitled in their thinking and have absolutely no care for their fellow Aussies today. Where resides the Anzac flame in these Aussies, sadly nowhere it seems.

This virus is a different war and it mutates with each skirmish so those flouting our leaders’ instructions, carry on, give the virus time to mutate and it will eventually attack the younger and yourselves, as it is already doing so overseas, and it’s only a matter of time before you fall also, realising too late, your own mortality.

Societies, communities, countries, civilisations – all rise and fall over time and without exception, it is the humanities in our DNA that provide the seeds for renewal.

Lets hope we learn from this.